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Real people share their real stories and tips for beginners to self catheterisation


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See our tips and tricks to get the most out of the catheter that is perfectly designed for women. 

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NEW! LoFric Sense for women – smarter design, safer catheterization

LoFric Sense makes catheterization safe, easy and hygienic whether you’re at work, travelling or at home. Small and discreet in its package, yet long enough to ensure complete emptying of the bladder. Contact us with questions about insurance coverage.
LoFric Sense Product

NEW LoFric® Origo™ Coudé – the catheter designed to make life easier

NEW LoFric Origo Coudé is a male catheter designed to provide safe, hygienic and convenient catheterization so you can get on with your life. It offers safe catheterization in a clever package, bringing true comfort, control and discretion into one user-friendly catheter.

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Mother and child

Your child and catheterization

Advice, tips and tricks for parents with children who catheterize.

Nurse teaching about urinary health, symptoms and disorders

Healthcare professionals

Downloadable patient information material, clinical study information, resources for producing your own urinary disorder presentation and much more.

LoFric Mic Chart App now available for both iPhone and Android devices

Record and diagnose your voiding pattern over a period of two or three days (48/72 hours). This will provide valuable information about your bladder situation.

Download the Mic Chart app for your iPhone at App Store or for your Android at Google Play.
Downloading is cost free.
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Jesse Billauer

At 17 years old, Jesse’s life was forever changed when a surfing accident resulted in a spinal cord injury (SCI), leaving him a quadriplegic.

While surfing, Jesse was hit by the crest of a wave and flew headfirst into a shallow sandbar. Immediately, his body went limp; he found himself floating facedown in the water, unable to turn over...

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The LoFric Mic Chart App for iPhone/Android is a useful tool when diagnosing bladder problems.

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